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Adult Singers!

 I see you!  And I know, from working with so many aspiring vocalists just like you, there are sooo many reasons you want to learn to sing.

Reasons like...

  • Wanting to audition for community theater

  • Wanting join a choir

  • Wanting to front a band

  • Wanting to do something fun just for yourself

  • Wanting to rediscover that amazing voice you had in college that you haven't tapped into in years

Any of those reasons is totally awesome, and you deserve to go after what you want!

But I bet you also have reasons like...

  • Wanting to express yourself authentically through music 

  • Wanting to perform or speak in front of an audience more calmly and confidently

  • Wanting to connect with others through your performing

  • Wanting to discover and leverage your “X factor” as a singer

  • Wanting to share something awesome with the world

These are all AMAZING goals, too!

Sometimes, though, these worthy goals can feel too daunting or out of reach, and doubt, fear, stress, or tension begins to hold us back from achieving what we know we can.

Well, I've got some good  news for you!


In my studio, you can work on ALL OF IT: 

  • Your voice

  • Your performing

  • AND your mindset.  

My unique program pairs one-on-one, expert vocal instruction with one-on-one, comprehensive mindset coaching.


Yes, you’ll learn how to sing - how to hit the high notes with ease, how to harness the power of your breath, how to perform confidently on stage.


AND you can work through the mindset challenges that all singers face, from performance anxiety to  “I’m not good enough” to “what makes my singing truly unique?” 


You can become a grounded, capable, confident vocalist who knows exactly what they’re about.

There are a variety of lesson and coaching packages available for adult voice students.  Some are the tried-and-true, one-on-one voice lessons model we all know and love.  And some combine this model with comprehensive mindset coaching, helping you to up-level your energy as a singer and develop holistic artistry.

"What a gift to have aligned with Ellen.  During the lessons, Ellen holds space for me to practice.  She is attentive and playful so I feel comfortable throughout the lesson process.  These lessons are some of the favorite moments of my life!  I can't wait to continue to practice and learn, thus expressing myself through the art of music."

EAVS avocational adult student

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