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Studio Policies

Voice Lesson Packages


Voice lesson packages are a flat, monthly, all-inclusive rate.  Most lesson packages encompass the following:

  • One-on-one sessions (either weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Participation in studio events (recitals, classes, etc.)

  • All single-song sheet music purchases

  • Practice tracks

  • Access to the studio online scheduler

  • Eligibility to compete in the annual NATS student auditions

  • A personal Google Drive folder containing all your lesson materials

  • Studio resources such as warm-up videos and how-to-guides

  • Outside-of-lesson support as requested/needed

Rates for monthly voice lesson packages are $375/month for weekly lessons, and $275/month for bi-weekly lessons.

Packages are paid by the month in advance.  Payment is due by the 7th of each calendar month.  Payments not received by the 7th will incur a $25 late fee.  It is recommended that students set up autopay for their lessons (instructions will be provided).  If you do not wish to set up autopay, you may pay via PayPal (, Venmo (EllenAllenMusic), or check made out to Ellen Allen Voice and Coaching. 

Cancelation and Rescheduling Policies

There are no deductions for absences.  Even if you cannot attend your lesson, your studio membership is still working for you.

Each week, you will received automated email reminders for your lessons.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, use the pink buttons in the email reminder to do so.

Students may reschedule their lessons with at least 24 hours' notice, and book into another available lesson time up to 8 hours in advance.

Rescheduling is subject to studio availability.  The studio is under no obligation to provide rescheduling availability for lessons canceled by the student.

If I have to cancel your lesson, I will provide a time to reschedule.

If you temporarily move your lesson to a different day/time (e.g., due to a seasonal sports or rehearsal schedule), your original lesson time will not be held for you.

Illness Policies

Students should refrain from attending their lessons in-person if they have any symptoms of illness, and/or if there is an active covid case in their household.  Please return to the studio when you are symptom-free and everyone in your household is covid-negative.


If you find yourself ill on the day of your lesson, but are well enough to sing, you should opt for an online lesson instead of canceling.  There are no exceptions to the 24-hour cancellation policy, even for day-of illness.

Punctuality, Inclement Weather, and Hiatus/Discontinuation Policies

If you arrive early for your lesson, please wait outside or in your vehicle until it is time for your lesson.

If you have technical difficulties signing on to your online lesson, please text or email me immediately.  If I do not hear from you or see you in the Zoom waiting room within 15 minutes of your lesson start time, you will be marked absent without a makeup credit.

In cases of inclement weather or other circumstances that prevent an in-person lesson, lessons will take place virtually.  I will send you the link to your virtual lesson via email.

If you need to suspend your lessons for any length of time, please provide at least one month's notice.  If you provide less than a month's notice, you will still be charged for that month, regardless of whether you attend your remaining lessons or not.

Drop-In Lessons

Drop-in lessons are available at $120 session.  This fee is paid at the time of booking and covers the session only, and does not include the other features and benefits included in a studio membership.

There are no refunds for cancelled sessions, and there is no rescheduling permitted for drop-in lessons.

All other policies pertaining to illness, punctuality, and inclement weather are the same as above.

Voice Lessons

Dramatic Coachings

Payment is due at the time of booking.  The fee for a dramatic coaching is $120 and covers the session only.

There are no refunds for cancelled sessions, and there is no rescheduling permitted for dramatic coachings.  

If you are not enrolled in a voice lesson package, you are responsible for obtaining your own sheet music and accompaniment tracks, and providing me with these resources in advance.

Terms and Conditions

The client agrees to abide by and be held accountable to all policies and procedures of Ellen Allen Voice and Coaching set forth here and/or in any other documents the client has been provided. The client understands that failure to comply with these policies may result in dismissal from the studio.


The client also understands that Ellen Allen reserves the right to dismiss any client from the studio at any time, for any reason.


The client shall release Ellen Allen and Ellen Allen Voice and Coaching from any liability for any harm, injury, and/or illness that the client may sustain while on studio premises or during a virtual lesson or coaching.


The client understands that technical difficulties are inherent to the virtual lesson format and that time spent resolving minor such difficulties will not be made up.

The client understands that working with Ellen will not guarantee the client's desired outcome for any audition, performance, or other artistic undertaking.

The client understands that any advice provided in a lesson or coaching session with Ellen is solely the client's responsibility to implement.  The client assumes responsibility for all outcomes, results, and consequences of implementing new practice or wellness routines.

The client understands that mindset coaching is not a substitute for mental health care, and that Ellen will not diagnose or treat mental health conditions.

The client understands that Ellen will not diagnose or treat vocal injuries or pathologies, and should seek the advice of a medical professional in these cases.

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