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Holistic Mindset Coaching

A unique, comprehensive coaching program designed for adult singers


Whether you're a seasoned singer or just starting on your vocal journey, you know there's a LOT to becoming a good singer.  Technique, musicianship, artistry, performance - all of that stuff is so, so important, which is why we spend the majority of voice lessons working on those things!

However, having worked with so many adult singers just like you - as well as being a working professional singer myself - I know that there is SO much more to being a singer than learning how to sing and perform. 

We have to be able to manage performance anxiety; monitor our mindset; learn how to access the emotions we want to communicate in an authentic, yet safe, way; keep ourselves mindful and grounded so that we can fully present to our art; and so much more.

Here's the thing - there isn't always time, or opportunity, to explore these things during a traditional voice lesson.

That's why I've created a unique program for adult singers of all levels: a comprehensive, holistic mindset coaching program that will help you do all of these things, and more.  It's meant to address all of that stuff that isn't singing but is integral to being a singer.

So no matter where you are on your vocal journey, I'm here to support you as we do the transformational work of defining and achieving your artistic goals, while breaking down mindset barriers and conquering limiting beliefs.

Here's to transformation!

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What's In a Coaching Program?

Voice lessons are all about technique, musicianship, and performing - in other words, developing your instrument.  Coaching sessions are all about transforming your mindset so you can put all that stuff to use in a way that feels confident, aligned, and purposeful.  We talk about things such as:

  • Managing performance anxiety and modulating the nervous system

  • Conquering those limiting beliefs that hold you back (“I’m not good enough,” for example)

  • How to emotionally connect to your music in a way that feels both authentic and safe

  • What to do when stress and tension get in the way of your singing

  • Discovering and embracing what makes your artistry truly unique

  • How to implement mindfulness in your practicing and in your life

  • How to balance the different aspects of your energy (physical, mental, emotional, creative) so that you can be present to your loved ones, your work, and your singing

  • Singing-adjacent modalities such as body and breath work

Features of the Program:

  • An initial Discovery Session to discuss your specific needs and goals in detail, and map out your journey through the program

  • Eight one-on-one coaching sessions over 4 months

  • One asynchronous check-in between sessions, via email or video

  • Custom-designed resources, exercises, and tools to use and implement between sessions so you can start maximizing the work we do right away!


Package Options

Option #1: Combine Coaching with Voice Lessons!

Get ready to up-level your singing and performing, AND super-charge your mindset!  These value packages place traditional voice lessons alongside my unique, comprehensive mindset coaching program, offering a holistic approach to singing that will benefit body, mind, and voice.  These packages include everything you'd get in a classic voice studio membership, AND everything that comes with the coaching program: a discovery session, 8 one-on-one coaching sessions, asynchronous check-ins, and resources, tools, and exercises that will allow you to start maximizing our work right away! 

Let's dive deep.

Let's step into confidence.

Let's step into clarity.

Let's step into transformation!

Option #2: Purchase a Coaching Package Separately

Already got the voice training covered elsewhere, but still looking for that missing piece that will help you put it all together?  Then this package might be for you!  

Purchase the coaching program on its own, and receive all the same features and benefits: a discovery session, 8 one-on-one sessions over 4 months, asynchronous check-ins, and all the tools, resources, and exercises you need to succeed.

Pay for all four months up front and receive a $100 discount!

Have Questions?

Want to read more about what the coaching experience is like?  Check out the FAQ page!

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