Voice Lessons

Professional Singing Instruction and Vocal Coaching
Lessons In-Studio in Reading, MA or Online

Voice lessons, singing lessons, vocal coaching for teens and adults

Become the confident, awesome singer you know you can be.


Belting that "money note" and acing your next audition...

Reaching those high notes in choir with ease...

Restoring your voice to its former glory after all those years off from singing...

Expressing your true self, both on stage and off...

...and of course, sounding awesome.  Because awesome is what we do here.

Maybe you have big, Broadway-sized dreams for your singing.  Or maybe you're just content to perform for your cat.  Either way, you know you could sound awesome if you just had some instruction.

So, here's my invitation to you: invest in lessons.  Invest in your voice.  It can grow beyond your wildest dreams. 

Ready to take your singing to the next level?  

Voice lessons, singing lessons, online voice lessons, online singing lessons, Reading, MA, greater Boston

The Studio Experience


Voice lesson packages are custom-tailored to YOUR needs and goals, whether they be big or bite-sized.  You'll get all of the instruction, support, coaching, and resources to help you succeed, including...

Expert vocal instruction. 

In your weekly lessons, we'll talk about how to maximize your alignment, breath, and resonance to get that awesome sound you want.

Hand-selected repertoire. 

Instead of singing the same pieces as everyone else, you'll sing songs you can actually connect with.

Studio resources. 

Sheet music, accompaniment tracks, warm-up videos, and how-to guides are all included, so you'll be set up for success in your practicing from the get-go.

Performance opportunities. 

You'll perform in front of friendly, supportive audiences at our studio recitals and classes, and cheer on your fellow studio members as they do the same!


Whether it's to help you perform better, set realistic practice goals, or combat stage fright, you'll be guided to overcome your doubts and discover your inner awesomeness.

Outside-of-lesson support. 

Have a burning question that can't wait until your lesson?  Need help choosing a piece for a last-minute audition?  Send me a text, email, or Marco Polo video, and I'll get back to you within 24 business hours! 

In Studio or Online

My studio is located in Reading, MA, and over the years my students have come from Reading, North Reading, Woburn, Wilmington, Andover, North Andover, and the North Shore.  I also teach lessons online, so you can be part of the studio no matter where you live!

Students of Ellen Allen perform in recitals and classes in their journey toward becoming confident, awesome singers!
Learn to sing and perform with confidence with singing lessons with Ellen Allen Voice Studio!
Learn to sing high notes with professional vocal instruction at Ellen Allen Voice Studio.

"My goal over quarantine was to reach a high C, and I have completed that goal through voice lessons because of excellent explanations of technique."

EAVS student, grade 9

Improve your vocal technique and sing the songs you've always wanted to in voice lessons with Ellen Allen!
Voice lessons help to build confidence, both on stage and off!

"Voice lessons have helped me to build my confidence.  My voice sounds clearer.  I also have a better idea of my range."

EAVS student, grade 10

Improve your voice in a safe space to learn an grow. Inquire about voice lessons with Ellen Allen today!

"Ellen's energy is comforting, and I think my voice has improved quite a bit.  I've learned so much this past year!"

EAVS student, grade 9

To Get Started...

1. Click the "Register Now!" button, and fill out the registration form.

2. I'll contact you to schedule a 20-minute phone or Zoom consultation.

3. If we think we might be a good fit, we'll schedule your Discovery Lesson! This 45-minute session is part-consultation, part-voice lesson, during which we'll talk more in detail about your goals, do some singin', and see how we work together.

4. If we feel we're a fit, I'll recommend some packages and repertoire for you, and we'll get your studio membership up and running!


Discovery Lessons are $75.  Different from a "trial lesson" or a "free consultation," this session is a mutual investment during which you will receive personalized vocal instruction, feedback about your singing, and customized recommendations for your next steps.  

Studio memberships renew on a month-to-month basis, and range from $280-$350/month.  All memberships can be customized with additional services to help you meet your goals.

Learn to sing confidently and expressively with the help of an expert instructor.  Voice teacher and vocal coach Ellen Allen teaches private lessons in her Reading, MA studio and online.
Learn to express yourself on stage and off with singing lessons from Ellen Allen Voice Studio.

"What a gift to have aligned with Ellen.  During the lessons, Ellen holds space for me to practice.  She is attentive and playful so I feel comfortable throughout the lesson process.  These lessons are some of the favorite moments of my life!  I can't wait to continue to practice and learn, thus expressing myself through the art of music."

EAVS avocational adult student

Build confidence in your singing and vocal technique with singing lessons and vocal coaching from Ellen Allen Voice Studio.

"When I began vocal lessons with Ellen, I had little confidence.  I was just someone who enjoyed singing.  With Ellen, I was able to hone various techniques that have made me immensely more confident in singing both classical and musical theater pieces.  I always looked forward to my lessons with Ellen, knowing that if I was struggling with something, she could take a different approach in warming up my voice or in helping me understand the music."

EAVS student, grade 12