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Ellen Allen, Boston-based soprano, is an avid performer of choral, chamber, and new music; art song, oratorio, and recital performances.

Choral, chamber, and new music collaborations

Ellen Allen, Soprano

Art song, oratorio, and recital performances

Classically speaking, I'm a lyric coloratura, but after years of teaching and practicing musical theater, I also have a strong and colorful low range.  My entire usable range extends down to A3 and up to F6.

As an instrumentalist-turned-singer, I place high value on excellent musicianship.  I'm a stellar sight-reader and learn the nuts and bolts of a piece really quickly.  That means we can get to the good stuff - making music - a lot sooner.

I'm equally at home as a soloist or ensemble singer, and can easily adapt my tone for optimal balance and blend - including limiting or eliminating vibrato.

A colleague once said, "Ellen has legato for days.  And phrasing."

I've also been complimented on my very even registration.

Boston-based soprano Ellen Allen is an accomplished choral and chamber singer, as well as an experienced oratorio and recital soloist.  She enjoys collaborating on projects with old and new music alike!

From Bach to Bruckner to Barber and beyond...

...from early music to the very new...

...when it comes to innovative collaborations, I'm all ears!

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