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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching all about, exactly?

Coaching is AWESOME.  It is a truly transformative process in which the coach (me) serves as a guide to the client (you), instead of functioning as a teacher or guru.  Coaches provide support, accountability, and insight as you work through various challenges to reach your desired outcomes - whether it's to overcome performance anxiety, reduce stress and tension, re-frame unhelpful self-talk, or uncover limiting beliefs or fears that can inhibit progress.  

Coaching is all about self-empowerment and practical action steps.  Rather than digging into the past for answers (that's what therapy is for), we look at how the past is informing the present, and go from there.

The main goal of coaching is to help the client uncover the answers that are within them.  We all have answers - sometimes we just need a little help accessing them.

What is a coaching session like?

During a coaching session, the coach asks the client a lot of questions to help the client clarify their challenge, recognize the outcome that's currently manifesting, and envision the outcome they actually want.  Each session follows this arc - challenge, outcome, re-frame, envision - and of course, the coach will also offer advice, insight, and information as appropriate.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Great question!  Generally, therapy looks at the past for answers if the client is working to resolve trauma or heal wounds; or is used for treatment of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, etc.  Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the present and the future.  In coaching, we do not dig into the past - rather, we acknowledge the effect the past might be having on the present moment, and work to change any programming the past might have caused.  This could show up as narratives you've adopted unconsciously about yourself or the world around you, limiting beliefs about yourself or what you are trying to accomplish, or difficulty planning or taking action toward your goals.

Coaches do not treat nor prescribe medications for mental health issues, and we are not trauma therapists.  We are, however, trauma-sensitive and trauma-aware.  We work with the conscious as well as the unconscious mind.  Our job is to hold space for your challenges, and help you work through what's holding you back as you work toward transformation.

Generally, coaching is more action-oriented than therapy.  If you enroll in a coaching program, it is implicit that you will show up to do the work.  A coaching session is not a place to unload or vent.  While talking through your challenges and your feelings about them is a necessary part of coaching, we are ultimately there to do the work, to take action.  The coach will provide all the support, accountability, advice, and insight that you need - but it really comes down to the client doing the good, honest, hard work for themselves.

What are your qualifications as a coach?

I have two coaching certifications: one as a Holistic Wellness Coach, and the other as a Master Coach.  Both certifications were granted by the International Association of Wellness Professionals.  My qualifications enable me to coach clients to view their lives holistically (i.e., that all aspects of life are inter-connected and affect each other), and to coach clients through their challenges effectively.  The coaching method in which I was trained and the tools that I used are based in psychology, designed to help the client look both inward and outward, enabling a change that feels aligned, purposeful, and lasting.

If I purchase a voice/coaching combo package, can I still continue with voice lessons after my coaching package is completed?

Absolutely!  At the end of coaching package (typically 10 weeks/5 sessions), we'll reassess your progress and your goals, and decide whether you want more coaching, or you feel all set for now.  If we feel our coaching work together has reached a natural conclusion, but you'd still like to continue with voice lessons, we'll adjust your monthly package to a classic voice studio membership, so you can continue working on your singing!

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