Ellen Allen, Soprano, Voice Teacher, and Coach


I'm glad you're here!  Chances are you made it here because you're looking for confident, awesome singing.

Maybe you want to sound awesome yourself - you want to ace that upcoming audition, or learn to belt like a Broadway star.  In that case, voice lessons or dramatic coaching might be for you!

Or maybe you're a director or composer looking for a versatile, classically-trained soprano to perform your new work, or collaborate on a project.  If that's the case, I'm all ears - let's chat! 

There are a few ways to work with me...

Whether you want to ace your next audition, reach those high notes in choir with ease, get ready for college auditions, or (re)discover your voice after all those years off from singing, voice lessons might be just the right thing for you!

My one-on-one, customized lesson packages are designed to serve YOUR needs and goals.  There's no cookie-cutter approach here!

Got a big audition or performance coming up?  Let's get your rep polished so you can confidently express yourself on stage, give a show-stopping performance, and WOW your audience!

Enhance the experience for your choir, drama club, or community group with one-of-a-kind workshops!  Available in several formats, these workshops are the perfect way for your singers to engage with their voice and repertoire in a new way.

Whether the music was composed three centuries or three days ago; whether chamber, solo, or choral; I'll use every facet of my artistry to make it come to life!

Ellen Allen, Soprano, Voice Teacher, and Coach

Who Am I, Anyway?

I'm Ellen Allen, a conservatory-trained soprano, voice teacher, and coach.  I believe singing - and all artistry, really - is where personal expression meets changing the world.

Over the years, my students have achieved a lot - gotten lead roles, placed in competition, and earned acceptance to top-level conservatories.

But more importantly, I've seen them become confident, awesome singers, armed with the vocal and artistic tools to express themselves both on stage and off.

And what do I seek out as an artist?  Nearly any opportunity that fosters creative collaboration, innovative artistry, and excellent musicianship.  From Bach to Brahms to Argento to music composed by friends and colleagues - to me, it's all oriented toward the same goal, which is to reach people.

So, no matter how we work together...

...you can expect confident singing, creative collaboration, and innovative artistry!